I am a very lucky woman and have had the privilege of working with some phenomenal organizations both as a volunteer and an employee. I am incredibly grateful to anyone willing to join me in supporting these organizations. And remember: your time is just as valuable — if not more so — than your money.

Thank you in advance.

Feeding America — This is a nationwide network that supplies food banks across our country. If you are in a position to donate, please do. If you need food, use their site to find your local food banks. Your overall health is an important factor in your body’s ability to fight illness. Fuel your body, and arm yourself for the day.

Friends Never Forget — This organization sends the children of fallen service members to summer camp with no out-of-pocket expenses for the surviving parent/guardian.

Papa’s Pantry — This organization is a sustainability program. The Pantry teaches everything from basic budgeting and how to cook to how to write a resume and get a reliable job. While people work the program the Pantry provides groceries until they have a stable position and can afford a grocery bill.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta — This is one of the top children’s hospitals hospitals in the country. 75% of every dollar donated goes directly to patient care. I know this personally because when I was as an employee there I was constantly asked “does this really have to be printed? We have a new XYZ to buy for the kids.” It was pretty awesome to be part of that kind of dedication.

Planned Parenthood — Public health is important. Help some people get flu shots and pap smears.

Homes for Our Troops — This organization customizes homes for men and women who have been wounded while serving our country.

Friends Never Forget Papa's Pantry Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Planned Parenthood Homes for Our Troops

I’d like to add to this list. Specifically, I am looking for a rehab program with an excellent record.

I’d also like a scholarship fund for kids who may not be straight A students, but have the drive and ambition to do something awesome.