Take a Chance on Me

After two years on the road with his band, Justin Arnold is finally home. All he wants to do is hang out and record the next album. But the producer is ruining all the songs, and his bass player’s bid to be on a reality show has cameras constantly in the way. Thankfully, Justin can escape with Vaughn, his friend with benefits.

Take a Chance on Me by Elaine Reed

Ever since they met, Vaughn Williams hasn’t been able to say no to Justin. He’s a great partner…when he’s home. Suddenly he wants to date, but she’s not convinced they’ll be able to make it work. Especially when another tour will take him away from her again.

So when he’s offered a leading role in a reality dating show with his bandmate, Vaughn encourages him to go for it. He can help his band, she can focus on running her bar, and no one gets hurt.

It’s win-win for both of them. Except the show isn’t what it seems and no matter what Vaughn does, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s made one hell of a mistake.

Frustrated with everything, Justin is ready to quit the show and write off Vaughn. Until he walks into her bar one day and sees that he might still be on her mind.

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A Drummer Boy for Christmas

A Drummer Boy for Christmas Novella by Elaine Reed

If Vaughn Williams had a dollar for every argument her uncle had started during his holiday visit, she’d be able to open her own bar. This would come in handy since her uncle seems dead set on closing the one her family owns. Shutting the fifty-year-old business would put Vaughn and half a dozen others out of work and break her grandfather’s heart.

Determined to stop the arguing, keep herself busy, and maybe even prove a point to her uncle, Vaughn opens the bar on Christmas night. It becomes a haven for their neighborhood, and even calms her uncle. Best of all, Vaughn meets a man who seems interested in more than flirting over a few drinks.

Vaughn’s ready for a relaxed night with an intriguing man, but her uncle keeps finding ways to start fights. Will he get the blowout he wants? Or will Vaughn get to enjoy her new friend?

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Caught Up in You

Caught Up In You by Elaine Reed

He’s a rockstar, an artist, a fantasy who lives rent-free in Emily’s head. And he’s her roommate’s best friend.

Robin is on top of the world, getting opportunities Emily can’t even conceive, especially when she’s focused on college and law school. It’s easy for Robin to be nice to her, and easy for Emily to hide her crush when all they ever do is talk on the phone. When she finally meets Robin face-to-face, the fantasy — and her crush — takes on new proportions. But Robin lives in a different stratosphere. Nothing will ever come of Emily’s crush. Right?

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The Girl U Want

Sue Douglas has no time for men. At least not any more men. She scored her dream job as a publicist for an up-and-coming rock band, but they’re putting her through her paces:

The Girl U Want
  • The bass player despises her
  • The lead singer lusts for her
  • The band manager dumped a career-ending secret on her
  • The band’s record company is determined to see her fail
  • And if she even stumbles, she could lose everything.

In the middle of it all, she meets *the* man. The one she wants in her schedule. He sees the mayhem of her life but refuses to let her go. He says he’ll only take her spare time, but there’s no time on a tour that will make or break her as a publicist.

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Bonus Scenes:

  1. Justin Shows Sue the bus
  2. Awkward Mike is awkward
  3. Drunk Amy is drunk

Have Love Will Travel 

Have Love Will Travel

Sue Douglas has no time for crap. At least not any more crap. She’s trying to turn her dream job as a publicist into her dream career, but it’s more complicated than it looks: 

  • Her bass player is still a pain in the ass
  • Her lead singer is still too flirty
  • Their record company is still throwing shade her way. 

But then, there’s Adam. 

Through it all, he’s there. Willing to take whatever pieces of time she can give him. But his love softens her, and in her world where power is access, softness is a weakness. Now Sue has one very big puzzle to solve: how to cherish the soft without losing all she’s worked for.

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Bonus Scenes

  1. The Skirt
  2. Stalk a rock star
  3. Do they have songs about oral?

Champagne Supernova 

Champagne Supernova

Autumn Powell believes the right pair of shoes can change her life, and she’s determined to start the New Year on the right foot. Unfortunately, the pair she’s wearing isn’t hers.

Chester Quartermain has a great eye for detail, and the woman before him is a masterpiece. Too bad she’s wearing his stolen shoe design.

Getting her out of them might have to be his New Years Resolution.

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Let’s Keep This Brief

Let’s Keep This Brief is a National Novel Writing Month project.  It’s a collection of short stories and flash fiction from silly to serious.

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