Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me by Elaine Reed

After two years on the road with his band, Justin Arnold is finally home. All he wants to do is hang out and record the next album. But the producer is ruining all the songs, and his bass player’s bid to be on a reality show has cameras constantly in the way. Thankfully, Justin can escape with Vaughn, his friend with benefits.

Ever since they met, Vaughn Williams hasn’t been able to say no to Justin. He’s a great partner…when he’s home. Suddenly he wants to date, but she’s not convinced they’ll be able to make it work. Especially when another tour will take him away from her again.

So when he’s offered a leading role in a reality dating show with his bandmate, Vaughn encourages him to go for it. He can help his band, she can focus on running her bar, and no one gets hurt.

It’s win-win for both of them. Except the show isn’t what it seems and no matter what Vaughn does, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s made one hell of a mistake.

Frustrated with everything, Justin is ready to quit the show and write off Vaughn. Until he walks into her bar one day and sees that he might still be on her mind.

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