Have Love Will Travel

Book 2 of the Words Fail Me Series.

Sue Douglas has no time for crap. At least not any more crap. She’s trying to turn her dream job as a publicist into her dream career, but it’s more complicated than it looks: 

  • Her bass player is still a pain in the ass
  • Her lead singer is still too flirty
  • Their record company is still throwing shade her way. 

But then, there’s Adam. 

Through it all, he’s there. Willing to take whatever pieces of time she can give him. But his love softens her, and in her world where power is access, softness is a weakness. Now Sue has one very big puzzle to solve: how to cherish the soft without losing all she’s worked for.

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Bonus Scenes

  1. The Skirt
  2. Stalk a rock star
  3. Do they have songs about oral?