A Drummer Boy For Christmas

A Drummer Boy for Christmas by Elaine Reed

If Vaughn Williams had a dollar for every argument her uncle had started during his holiday visit, she’d be able to open her own bar. This would come in handy since her uncle seems dead set on closing the one her family owns. Shutting the fifty-year-old business would put Vaughn and half a dozen others out of work and break her grandfather’s heart.

Determined to stop the arguing, keep herself busy, and maybe even prove a point to her uncle, Vaughn opens the bar on Christmas night. It becomes a haven for their neighborhood, and even calms her uncle. Best of all, Vaughn meets a man who seems interested in more than flirting over a few drinks.

Vaughn’s ready for a relaxed night with an intriguing man, but her uncle keeps finding ways to start fights. Will he get the blowout he wants? Or will Vaughn get to enjoy her new friend?

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